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About us

In NS Saddle Fitting we develop our work based in two principles:
Comfort and Performance.
We seek to enable to our clients solutions wich can ensure the maximum comfort of both rider and horse and excellent performances.

Fitted for you

We create, personalize and fit dressage, jumping and portuguese saddles in Portugal, Spain, UK, Germany and USA.
Christine Jacoberger
Christine Jacoberger
"I adore the made-to-measure portuguese saddle, D. Carlos that the super team of Mundo de Equitação made for my stallion Rubi AR . It fits his back perfectly , it is absolutely not heavy as are usually these type of traditional saddles and it is very confortable. In fact , you are really feeling you are riding as with a modern Dressage saddle but with all the lovely style of a portuguese saddle "à Relvas"."
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